ArnacesWine-growers in Mortegliano

The “Tenute Arnaces” estate is located near the small town of Mortegliano, province of Udine, in the eastern-most part of Italy.

Thanks to experience and knowledge acquired in more than 100 years of history, the Campagnola family has expanded its wine-making heritage as far afield as Friuli, in collaboration with “Tenute Agricole Francesco Righetti”. Synergy over 25 hectares of dedicated vineyards used to make Pinot Grigio and Prosecco Doc wines, focusing on the maximum exploitation of potential in Friuli while also paying close attention to the search for quality.

The plains of eastern Friuli, below the mountains seen in the distance, are home to the Arnaces vineyards exposed to the cold east winds with medium texture alluvial soils. Special emphasis is also given to eco-sustainability in the vineyard, where grapes are grown with organic agricolture in full respect for the local area and tradition.

The Tenute Arnaces selection includes an elegant Pinot Grigio, Vigneto Campo dei Gelsi; a Prosecco Brut with a fine and persistent perlage and a Semi-Sparkling Prosecco with a fruity taste.